Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral Planning Northern Ireland

It’s your Funeral…so make a Plan…

Planning in Advance:

Puts you in control and allows you to make your wishes known.

If you haven’t discussed anything with your family then, after your death, your family must make all the decisions for you.

Decisions which could easily be wrong…after all, how do they know if you want to be buried or cremated if you haven’t talked about it?

Provides you with peace of mind – you know your affairs are in order.

Making your own funeral arrangements is a caring and thoughtful thing to do for your family. 

As well as the funeral details, you can include useful information which will allow your family to settle your affairs quickly.

And, as it’s difficult to know what your family’s financial situation will be at the time of your death, planning allows you to decide if the cost can be funded from savings or if you need to arrange an insurance policy or take a funeral pre-payment plan.

How I can help…

As a Celebrant I have met many families struggling to arrange a loved one’s funeral…not quite sure what to do…and very stressed at such a difficult time…

To help avoid this situation, I have created a Funeral Planner document.

This can be downloaded, printed and then completed with a plan which can be as simple or detailed as you wish.

Of course, if you want to discuss things in more detail, you can always contact me.

"Capturing your past may not seem important now, but eventually it will be. If we don't speak to people about it now, by the time we get around to it, it may be too late"

Funeral Planner

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