Elopements Northern Ireland

"An Elopement - An intimate, personal ceremony held in a beautiful and romantic location"

When you change your mind about having a big wedding at home and decide to elope instead, you’re taking a step into the unknown…

If you’re making all the arrangements yourself and this is your first visit to Ireland, you really don’t know what to expect.

So, how do you get all the elements in place for your special day…all the things to make your elopement an unforgettable experience?

As a Celebrant will play a big part in your ceremony…it’s important to choose the right person… 

My first elopement ceremony was back in March 2018 so, as I’ve plenty of experience in helping organise a ceremony, how can I help with your plans?

Well, I’ll just let Jacy and Jordan speak for me…

Jacy & Jordan:

“We live in Texas and decided (relatively last minute) to ditch our local wedding plans and jet off to Northern Ireland for an elopement.

We were afraid that finding good vendors, with so little time left until our elopement, would be difficult…but, boy, were we in for a really great surprise when our photographer recommended Sam to us.

After talking with Sam over email and then Skype, we were absolutely certain that he was our guy.

Until we spoke with him, we had been pretty nervous about our crazy decision to switch gears and plan a ceremony overseas, but Sam made us feel completely at ease.  He is kind, patient, professional and so, so thorough.

He walked us through the whole process, detailing what a symbolic ceremony in Ireland would look like…sending us lots of great readings to consider…explaining what each color of ribbon represents in a Handfasting ceremony, and allowing us to choose the ones that spoke to us…and helping us write our own vows.

I can’t stress enough how helpful he was in the days leading up to the ceremony…even taking a morning, once we arrived in Portrush, to have coffee with us…run through the plan and settle our nerves once more.

He didn’t just provide us a service – he enriched our entire experience.

Everyone knows that wedding planning can be stressful, but Sam’s calming and positive energy continually grounded us in the joy of the moment and the process leading up to it.

Most precious about his approach to planning our ceremony was that he really dedicated himself to getting to know us as individuals and as a couple…and customized our ceremony to us at every turn.

He suggested that we wait until our ceremony to hear what he wrote for us for the first time, so that we could experience the full emotion of it in the moment…I definitely 100% recommend doing this!

He brought so many happy tears and laughter from us and our guests, and I can say without a doubt that was the most special moment of my life.

Afterwards, everyone raved about him and what a wonderful job he did…and we agree!

We truly really can’t recommend Sam enough!!!”

Jacy and Jordan’s photographer: “Images by Rob Dight of Epic Love” 

Symbolic Element

Most elopements include a symbolic element – with Handfasting being particularly popular.

You can read more about Handfasting here.

Stunning Locations

Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast has some really romantic locations for your Elopement.

You can read more about some of the best locations here.

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