A Romantic Adventure

Portrush Weddings

Around the same time as Chris set off from Scotland for a new life in the French Alps, Sam, a girl from Northern Ireland, was leaving life in the desert oilfields of Iraq for a new start in the ski resorts…also in the French Alps.

Several months later, on Valentine’s Day, they met for the first time…when Chris got a puncture on his mountain bike…right outside the chalet where Sam was at work…

That was how the relationship began and then, some time later, Sam walked a couple of miles through a blizzard, then persuaded someone to give her a lift the rest of the way…all to see Chris doing his first gig as a DJ…

Needless to say, the determination shown by Sam was enough to persuade Chris that it was time to “pop the question”.

Just over two years later the couple celebrated their marriage in the Arcadia, Portrush.

All images by Tina Mullan Photography.
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