Northern Ireland Cliff-top Elopement

Stephanie and Josh spent hours trying to plan a traditional wedding…and then decided to elope instead…
So, they travelled to Ireland from the USA with close family and stayed here for a few days.

Most couples travelling from abroad complete the legal formalities of marriage at home before their trip – Stephanie and Josh, however, decided to have their legal ceremony in the local registry office before their symbolic ceremony on a North Antrim cliff-top…making it a day they’ll never forget…

Later, after returning home, Josh had this to say…

“Sam was absolutely incredible – exceeding our wildest expectations of what an officiant could do.
We came from the USA to wed on the cliffs of Ireland, and Sam was instrumental in that process. He was like an extension of family at the ceremony, and he put a ton of effort into getting to know us previously to truly make it special and unique to us.
We are forever grateful for the warm hospitality and professionalism. His ability to adapt to our situational changes the day of the wedding were appreciated more than I could portray.
Thank you so much Sam!”


“Images by Rob Dight of Epic Love” 

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